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♦ Here is a juice ♦
For this we need..banana stem, curd, salt ,pepper jeera powder..take a blender put banana stem pieces ,some curd,salt,pepper and jeera powder and blend well,,add some water and blend again.. take a serving glass and pour the juice into it..yummy banana stem juice is ready..drinking a cup of this juice helps in treating acidity..thois juices treats urinary tract.. infections..
Moist people do not use banana stem in their diet because it takes time to clean and to cut..but banana stem once cleaned and cut can be soaked in butter milk and can kept in refridgerator.. every day you can take the required quantity and make juice..if the butter milk gets too can replace butter milk doing this you can save time and you can use banana stem regularly in your diet..

By taking this juice regularly on empty stomach in early morning you can control diabetes..

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